Purchase and Sales of Services, Terminals and Infrastructure Equipment

In close cooperation with both foreign and domestic suppliers, Pramacom Prague delivers and sells terminals for radio-communication systems, all infrastructure components and a wide range of accessories manufactured by certified producers. In addition to that, Pramacom Prague organizes training courses and workshops on radio-communication systems, provides technical advisory and other services related to radio-communication technologies.

Maintenance of Terminals

At present, Pramacom Prague’s Maintenance and Repair Centre (authorized by Airbus DS SAS) provides full after-warranty maintenance service of terminals and accessories used by end-users in the PEGAS system. The Centre performs diagnostics of all devices and, in cooperation with the manufacturer, also mid-size repairs and general overhauls.

Pramacom Prague’s skilled and qualified staff members perform, in cooperation with end-users, full after-warranty maintenance service of PEGAS infrastructure and technology equipment, including preventive maintenance. Their service is available 24/7. The main tasks include operation and maintenance of the installed software, supervisory position, and process, dispatch and security equipment elsewhere in the Czech Republic.

Since April 2007, Pramacom Prague has been performing, in cooperation with the manufacturer, warranty and after-warranty repairs and maintenance of TETRA terminals produced by Airbus DS SAS (former EADS).

Concept and Development of the System and Technical Solutions

The concept and development of radio-communication systems consist in collecting users‘ requirements and experience from running communication systems, experience and knowledge arising from maintenance of the systems, new knowledge and information on radio-communication systems and follow-up analysis plus assessment of findings.

Radioengineering, Advisory and Consultancy

Pramacom Prague provides advisory and consultancy related to radio-communication systems and technologies, and performs examinations and analyses of radioengineering, or outsources these activities to a qualified entity.

Technical Design Drafting

Pramacom Prague is experienced in drafting technical designs of radio-communication systems. A completed design form is a basic input for the most precise possible specification and, thus, optimum structuring of projects.