PEGAS is a digital cellular radio-communication system based on the TETRAPOL technology. The coverage of the Czech territory with radio signal was optimized while taking into account the IRS’ needs and implementation costs of the nationwide radio-communication network. The National Network consists of interconnected Regional Networks (RNs).

What Constitutes the PEGAS System?

RNs consist of infrastructure elements – one main switch (MSW), one or more controlled secondary switches (SSW), base stations (BS), the number of which is determined by the requirements for radio coverage and by the operational and maintenance network (OMN) consisting of a technical management position (TMP) and a tactical work position (TWP). The TMP and TWP positions are designed to manage all services, subscribers and user groups.


The shared infrastructure of the PEGAS radio-communication system and the system features of TETRAPOL provide each unit of the Integrated Rescue System with their own communication environment within their service territory (county, region, etc.) as well as joint communication environment allowing for mutual communication of different cooperating units.

The basic communication environment (determined by the system solution) can be dynamically changed in case of necessity to adjust the setup to the current situation. The communication environment is fully autonomous for each IRS member and it is at their sole discretion to allow other users to enter it. The traffic is managed autonomously by each member (from a dispatch position, control room, another management position, etc.).

The system supports communication in relayed mode, direct mode (DIR out of network coverage) or, also out of network coverage, in IDR (Independent Digital Repeater) mode.

Data Transmissions in the PEGAS System

For users, data transmissions include transmission of statuses, short text messages, vehicle positioning data, database queries and reports. Data is transmitted from radio terminals and user data terminals (PC, PDA). The PEGAS infrastructure carries out nationwide transmission while addressing and routing within the system is supported by dedicated software applications.

Automatic Vehicle Localization – GPS in the PEGAS Network

Automated vehicle location is a data service using the PEGAS transmission environment to transmit positioning data of a terminal collected from GPS receivers and distributed to users’ control rooms.