Our History

Pramacom Prague was incorporated in September 1991 as a limited liability company. Since its establishment, Pramacom Prague has specialized in radio communication. It was as early as in the mid 1990s when Pramacom Prague got significantly involved in the PEGAS radio-communication system designed for the Czech Integrated Rescue System.

Pramacom Prague is a local partner of Airbus DS SAS, an international corporation based in Europe, including former Matra Communications – the winner in the public tender launched in 1994 for a new radio-communication network for the Czech Police and the Integrated Rescue System.

By becoming a signatory to an alliance agreement with Airbus DS SAS (former EADS) in 2003, Pramacom Prague was awarded an exclusive supplier agreement for repairs, maintenance, system solution optimization and radioengineering of the PEGAS system.

Our Present

While performing its activities in the Czech Republic, Pramacom Prague has become a strategic partner for many foreign corporations that can be labelled as part of the military industry. At present, Pramacom Prague focuses primarily on telecommunication and information technology; other projects involving optics, optoelectronics and IT are implemented by Pramacom HT, the sister company to Pramacom Prague.

Before the completion achieved in 2003, the main task of Pramacom Prague was to implement the PEGAS radio-communication system based on the TETRAPOL technology and designed for the units operating within the Integrated Rescue System. However, Pramacom Prague’s involvement did not finish with the handover of the PEGAS system. Pramacom Prague serves “big” clients and governmental authorities and provides them with warranty and after-warranty service on the installed technology, terminals and other equipment. Moreover, Pramacom Prague takes pro-active part in further development of technical solutions offered by the TETRAPOL technology. These include e.g. data transmissions enabling the PEGAS users operating in the field to access information stored in databases, or automated vehicle location leading to optimized utilisation of resources and rolling stock available to IRS units.

After signing the distribution agreement with the manufacturer in April 2007, Pramacom Prague extended its technology portfolio by TETRA radio terminals produced by Airbus DS SAS and the related warranty and after-warranty service.

Pramacom Prague ranks among the biggest importers of military material and has been a member of the Defence and Security Industry Association since the second half of 1990s. Pramacom Prague became a member of the TETRAPOL Users Club and TETRAPOL Forum in 2001. Pramacom Prague exhibits regularly at domestic events (ISET, IDET).

Our Vision

  • Widely recognized by its partners, Pramacom Prague is a security cleared and expanding company.
  • Having achieved parameters of successful European companies, Pramacom Prague aims at reaching and sustaining higher quality in sales, implementation and maintenance of radio-communication systems and the related activities, including ongoing assessment of its customer’s needs and satisfaction.
  • To make this possible Pramacom Prague introduced quality management certificates complying with the applicable domestic and EU laws.

Major Events

For years, the PEGAS radio-communication system has been proving its worth in everyday operations of IRS units. Floods in 1997 and mainly the Summit of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in Prague in 2000 and the NATO Summit also in Prague just two years later were real endurance tests for the system.

In the key moments of the floods in 2002, the PEGAS system remained in many places across the Czech Republic the only operational communication facility for rescuers.

The list of references should definitely include the planned tests and system load tests that are scheduled on an ongoing basis and are performed in the form of an extensive joint exercise involving members of the Integrated Rescue System. Exercises performed in the Prague underground, Holešovice railway station, simulated nuclear and chemical disasters in various Czech regions, etc. are examples of this.

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